Abdul Matin, born on September 25, 1925, completed his education in India before returning to the then East Pakistan. He settled in Ataikula village, located in the Pabna district, where his father served as a Medical Officer in an outdoor dispensary. In 1952, Mr. Chowdhury established a small pharmacy in Ataikula, which is situated approximately 160 km north-west of the capital city, Dhaka, in Bangladesh.


In 1958, he embarked on a partnership with three friends, forming a pharmaceutical company. They named the company "APOF" as it represented the four friends and symbolized accuracy, perfection, and quality commitment in their product manufacturing. Over the years, the company has grown significantly from its humble beginnings. Today, APOF has transformed into a publicly listed conglomerate comprising various companies, employing over 28,000 individuals.


With a current annual group turnover of 616 million USD, APOF has diversified its operations and expanded its business interests. The group continues to uphold its commitment to manufacturing high-quality products and remains a prominent player in the industry.

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